To all the farmers, bakers, salesmen, living of their goods
The market has a space for you, be present if you could

Vendors Edition 2020

With pain in our hearts, we unfortunately needed to cancel Fantasy Court 2020. The current nationwide regulations concerning COVID-19 are in place until (at least) the 1st of June, whilst Fantasy Court 2020 would be on the 7th of June.

This is too short to organise a festival without acceptable human risk, financial risk, or study delays. We have considered moving the festival, but cannot find any good options offering enough security for a successful event, good weather, or time until Fantasy Court 2021.

Due to this reason, we have decided to fully focus on the next edition around June 2021. We hope to see you then in good health.

Vendors Edition 2021

In order to make Fantasy Court the best version it could be, we'd like to have people who can enrich the experience in whatever way possible
We offer an enthousiastic public looking for ambience and specific affairs, because where else can you find a festival focussed on LARP and LARP-related affairs?

Who do we want?

We look for people, organisations or businesses that could offer the following:

Shopping stalls with items, accessories and even costumes for:

  • LARP
  • Roleplaying games
  • Board games

Shopping stalls with other produce that is related to the Fantasy theme such as:

  • Juwelery
  • Costumes
  • Fantasy Game/Films Merchandise
  • Fantasy or Science Fiction books

People who can give workshops in:

  • LARP
  • Storytelling

Folks who can give demos in:

  • Roleplaying games
  • Board games
  • LARP-scenes or -battles

People who can perform acts that can carry away the audience

Edible products or drinks such as sandwiches, sweet snacks or medieval beverages.
Of course we'll be taking already signed up stalls into account.

Do you have anything that could fit our festival and got questions? Please do contact us: or go to our Facebook page. We'd love to know if you could contribute to our wonderful festival!

Practical information

Fantasy Court 2021 shall take place around June 2021 on one of the grass fields on the campus of the Technical Univerisity of Eindhoven. Further information on the exact times will be announced later, though we intend to entertain through most of the afternoon till the early evening.
The costs for standholders will consist of a small fee (€17,50) and the additional cost of the market stand/tent that can be booked through us (depending on your request and availlability). Own stands/tents can also be brought as long as this has been notified to the organisation beforehand (for the sake of the festival layout).
Compensation for performances and acts can be negotiated with the organisation.

See you at the Court!


We are made possible by:

  • ESRG Knights of the Kitchen Table
  • Studium Generale TU/e
  • Rabobank Eindhoven-Veldhoven